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I have thought long and hard about this over the last year or so since I first found out it existed.

Ruby is my soul mate and best friend and to contemplate loosing her brings a tear to my eye whenever I think of it.
Ive had many many nightmares over the last year (the 24th will mark a year since finding out about the SM) where she has died, in each of them I have just held and held on to her body and not let go- to me that has symbolised that I have not come to terms with the SM.
last week I had the same nightmare where I had to release her suffering and this was very different from the others. I called Margaret and Tania and wanted her to be passed on to the scheme to help. My nightmare ended with me passing her body to Dr Rusbridge.
I woke up in steams of tears but at the same time it was like a weight had been lifted as I knew that when the time comes - if she is still needed I will let her go.
I cant imagine loosing her- she is my first dog and neer reaslised on that first day just how much I would come to rely on her and love her unconditionally.
She has changed my life in too many ways and I know that I was put on this earth to make a difference, she was bought to me for a reaason and my very special girl deserves a very fitting and special end.

I hope that I will have many years with my girl and that she may not be needed by that time BUT if she is then I would like for her to help the scheme in every way she can
Dear Karen,

You have had such a hard time lately. I do hope you have many years more with your little girl & I am so sorry that these things have played on your mind.
It is hard to describe to other people the anxiety that accompanies the diagnosis of SM. I hope that this decision helps to make your nights more peaceful.

I do suggest that owners may find that it helps to register their cavaliers and give some basic information. Knowing contact addresses and other details and having a copy of the MRI report means that I do not have to ask too many questions at a distressing time.

Registering your pet does not commit anyone to anything. None of us can know for certain how we will feel when our cavalier dies and it is important that an owner feels free to change their mind at any time.

I and my family members have donated our dogs to help MVD & SM research projects over the last few years. We find it a positive and comforting thing to do when a much loved dog dies.
You are right, special dogs deserve a fitting and special end.

We have always had our dogs' ashes back to scatter on the beach near our holiday home.
In my mind's eye my dogs are not waiting at the bridge, they are all playing together on the sand, even those that never actually met in real life.