Cailean went to Rainbow Bridge this morning . We knew it was time, and we gave him his wings.

It doesn't feel like I'm typing this - it's as if someone else is putting the words on the screen and I'm watching from above.

We got Cailean when Misty (my 1st ever cav) died, in June 2000 and he was a delightful 9 week old puppy.

I'll miss hundreds of things about him - to name a few, countersurfing, nicking food, making his wonderful "woo woo woo" noise when he got over-excited (hence his nickname Woodle/Cailey-Woo), and more than anything the way he quietly but assertively led the clan.

I can't count the number of foster dogs Cailean has welcomed into our home, with a casual wag of the tail and of course all his permanent 'housemates'. When we first moved here in 2004, Cailean hated all dogs, but he turned into such a confident, reassuring guy to all the furry visitors.

You'd have to have met Cailean to know how funny he was. So mischievous, so lively, so over-excited - in fact, so much like Nicki's Rupert.

Cailean and Rupert are closely related, and I truly believe Rupert went ahead to show Cailean the way.

Cailean my darling nutcase, mummy loves you so very much. Please send our love to Declan and to Rupert and all the other babies waiting for us at the Bridge.

Run free sweetheart.