Kevin went to the Bridge this morning, after a short illness.

Kevin was about 11 1/2 years old and we took him into our lives 2 years ago, when he was bereaved of his elderly owner. Before this, we understand he was a show dog, but never found out who his breeder was or what his pedigree name was.

Kevin did so much with me and followed me everywhere, always. I'll miss lots of special times with Kev - he used to love going to Scotland with us and I have fond memories of him staying in a hotel in the Cairngorms with OH and I a couple of times; of Kevin sitting quietly under the table in The Dog & Gun in Keswick; of Kevin coming to Newcastle Uni with me in the car each week to drop my typing work off; of him sleeping in my wardrobe for the last couple of months; of our special "sausage Fridays" that we shared, where he'd come to work with me and have a sausage sarnie or a sausage roll.

Run free, mummy's boy.