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Here is a list of Breeders in the UK that test: http://www.champdogs.co.uk/breeds/ca...ers?ct=England
These lists can be very deceptive. The term " Health Tested" is too often used to give credibility to cavaliers and their owners when minimum checks are performed ( and of course the term does not guarantee that the results of the test was good )

If you look at the individual entries in the Champdogs list some of them are very vague about actually what health testing they do. Others only list the cheapest and easiest tests.

I give advice to buyers and non-show breeders. So often they report back that breeders advertising their dogs in Cavalier Club Yearbooks and on Breeders lists are unable to produce the advertised health certificates when asked.

Interesting to see this thread revived and to read what was written.........Karlin was right about Sarah Blott falling out of favour. The same happened with Dr Imelda Mcgonnell and her Foetal Tissue Research when her studies showed there were serious problems in skull bone growth in foetal cavaliers.

Five years on but still very few breeders actually MRI scanning older dogs, in fact there is very little evidence that top breeders are scanning at all. What is happening is more and more young cavaliers are being diagnosed with painful SM, not surprising as the majority of breeders are still breeding from unscanned ( probably affected ) cavaliers.

Some of the breeders named above are not only ignoring the rise in the incidence of SM but they are knowingly taking the risk of introducing more health problems by breeding from young dogs with a family history of renal disease............... I thought I had heard it all but breeding from a two year old dog undergoing weekly dialysis for kidney disease strikes me as extraordinarily irresponsible and callous.