Hi Cavalier lovers

My dog Luka has been a little out of sorts this last week. One day out of the blue he tried to get on the couch and yelped as he failed. He started to curve his body into a C shape and looked like he was in discomfort. I took him out for a walk to stretch him and he quickly went back to normal bounding around jumping etc.

My daughter confessed that she picked him up and he twisted to get out of her arms and fell awkwardly. This was earlier the same day. Since he has been a bit reluctant to get up on furniture etc, but is completely normal on walks.

He has yelped 2 or 3 times usually is someone has touched or ticked him in the area where his rib cage ends.

I have been watching him very carefully and have noticed other things. He occasionally scratches his flank. That may be due to recent grooming (we have to have him shaved underneath for hygiene purposes. He occasionally shakes his head and is moving around a lot when trying to sleep. If this is behaviour associated with pain its still possible that it is a result of some injury.

I am taking him to see the vet today and I dont know how forceful I should be about ruling out SM. Would it be best to see if he has hurt himself first.

All the web site and your forums stress early diagnosis but up until this week he has been a very happy lively dog. Hes just 2.5 years old. That seems to be a key age with SM.

My question is do you think I have time to watch and wait or should I push for a MRI.

Hoping for the best