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    Hi I just applied to become part of Irish Therapy dogs , they were set up late last year and visit old folks homes and hospitals with their dogs .
    I think this is a worthwhile group to be part of . Can I get some advice from anyone who already does this ?
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    This is the group I think that splintered off PEATA, which was the original therapy dog group in Ireland. My neighbour is with PEATA and mentioned a second group being set up recently. She has visited hospitals with her collie, who died recently, for years and really enjoys doing this. Now she takes her cavalier. The dogs need to be assessed to make sure they are suitable for such visits but over here it isn't as strict as in say the US where they usually need an actual therapy dog certification. The key thing I think is being able to make the time commitment. It is very pleasurable to do the visits for most people! And the dogs enjoy themselves and the attention.
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    Bailey would be perfect for this! Although I don't have the time to dedicate to it atm, when I'm finished my exams I'm going to defo going to join. Thanks for bringing it to my atention Mimi let us know how you get on..


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