Been to the vet today with Luka to check his problem with his back as mentioned in the post the other day. That seems to have cleared up but the vet mention a heart murmur that she said was almost indetetectable but which she thought she heard. Didnt seem concerned just mentioned that he will need checking annually.

Having come home and read the postsabout early onset MVD I wonder if I should ask for a second opinion and a referral to a cardiologist.

One thing, before the exam, I had excercised him and he had run quite energetically most of the 30 minute session which finished up at the vets surgery. His heart rate would still have been high. Could this have given the impression of a murmur. He shows no other signs and is very energetic. He had his boosters 3 months ago and the vet then didnt notice anything or at least didnt say he heard a murmur.

Would someone give me the benefit of their knowledge.

Thanks so much.