My lovely Charlie has been having all sorts of tests , which have eliminated just about everthing except SM. He is 6yrs & a half. He started just before xmas, not being able to get on the chair or bed & not able to jump in the car. He was also biting at his hips & scratching at his ear, He cried out in real pain if I touched him lightly or tried to pick him up & was hiding in corners.I took him to the vet, he was kept in for blood tests etc Also scanned , they didnt seem to know what was wrong & he came home on antibiotics ? & Rimadel. After a week he seemed a bit better although not quite himself ,then last weekend he was in great distress & endlessly scratching.He was admitted again for more tests & they said all they could think was wrong was Sm. They have no MRI suggested I take him to Liverpool for one. As I am not well enough to get there, they have now found a place a bit nearer. I said that I had been looking on your site & had found that Gagapentin sometimes could help.They had never heard of it . & said they had no experience of this condition.I have found a Vet nearer to me who has accsess to a scanner once a month, the next time being the first week in Feb,when I am due to go into hospital.! They do have experience of SM. Shall I stay with my vet & have Charlie scanned as soon as possible & then change to the nearer vet , I so want to give him any chance of a more comfy life for as long as poosible. How long do you think he could be better if he was on Gabapentin? I am so sad.