As many of you know my Ilsa has SM. She is currently on medications and doing rather well, especially since we added the omeprazole. She still scratches and has a yelp occasionally,usually less the once a week.
As of now she has no neurological damage, yet her deformation was called fairly advanced. She is 4 years old.

I have spoken to Dr Marino in New York. He was very friendly and helpful, (and I know he's one of the best neurosurgeons around), yet I am still reluctant to have the surgery, as I am terrified of the long recovery process and possibly causing Ilsa more pain then she's already in.

I am aware that this is a progressive disease, and that each dog progresses individually, that the surgery is best done before the symptoms are too severe, and that it is an individual decision. I was wondering, however, if anybody has been able to achieve a long lasting comfort for their dog with only medications, if such a thing is common or possible, and if anyone regrets having done the surgery.

She was only diagnosed in November and I'm not sure if I should give the medications more time or get the surgery done this spring.

Could really use some advice, this is such a difficult decision for me.

Thank You

Jen and Ilsa