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Thread: Advice Please!!!

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    I just panicked and called Dr Marino's assistant. I hadn't heard the crating thing. They really are lovely people! She confirmed that they recommend crating, and I replied that was not an option for us. She said that they don't want dogs on furniture even with a ramp, and when I panicked again said that some people put the mattress and lots of pillows and cushions on the floor, and essentially get rid of the furniture i.e. put it away for several months. I guess that's what I'd do, as I don't want to further traumatize her by changing the rules after such an ordeal.

    What a terrible choice!
    I guess I'm more upset as she just had a short yelping attack.

    Take care

    Jen and Ilsa

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    Hi Jen,
    I have a multi dog household, so my situation is a little different from yours. Right after surgery Riley was still so drugged up from the pain medications that all she wanted to do was lie in her crate. I had to use a crate, because Oz was not even a year old when Riley had her surgery and he is just one crazy little guy. So for her, the crate was her sanctuary. She was crate trained as a puppy, but hadn't used one for years. She welcomed it I think because it meant calmness and security for her. I did keep her in the crate whenever I was not physically with her (even when I took a shower) becuase her neurosurgeon did not want her jumping at all, or playing with the other dogs. I seem to recall that someone mentioned that jumping can increase intracranial pressure which would not be a good thing for these dogs. During those first three months post-op, I cried a lot and wondered if she would ever have a normal life again. Right around 12 weeks, she turned a corner. Dr. Marino also says the recovery is 12 weeks.

    Jen, if you decide to do the surgery, please PM me. I can send you pictures of Riley pre and post-op. They do look a little like Frankenstien until their fur grows back. I was shocked that they even shaved Riley's ears. I am happy to share my story with you if you think that will help.

    Good luck with your decision. Would you go to New York for the surgery?
    Madison (ruby, born 9/2003), and Oz (tri-color, born 7/2007)
    In loving memory: Oliver (blenheim) 2001-2015; Riley (black & tan) 2002-2017

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    While this is a terrible disease we can find a silver lining in everything. Because of her illness I don't let a day go by, no matter how tired or how much I have to do that I don't give her lots of quality time and attention. And I treasure every day with her, and enjoy her so much. And while she is attention seeking I take it as an extreme compliment that something so adorable worships me. And I love having a velcro dog !!!!

    No matter what happens I will put her quality of life above everything else, and if Dr. Ducote says the surgery could give her a good and pain free life I would do it. But I have only heard that early onset before a year means very fast and severe progression. Please keep us posted what you decide and how it is going.
    Annie's mom

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjones5 View Post
    Does the disease cause them to seek more attention? Annie is almost manic about being with me, and having me pay attention to her. I can tell she is beginning to show signs of pain, and now is having trouble getting comfortable at night.

    I always know when Tommy is uncomfortable because he paws & paws at my legs for attention.

    Sometimes it happens & when I look at the time I realise I have missed giving him his gabapentin.

    The 4pm pill is a problem, if I don't set the oven timer as a reminder I get engrossed in something and forget the time.

    Margaret C

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    Default We are in the same boat....

    Ruby went back to Chestergates yesterday. Last weekend was pretty awful - she kept falling to the side and collapsing on her back leg.

    Although off her harness there was a noticible improvement - I have bought a different harness today - it doesn't sit on her sensitive spot!

    Saw my vet on Tuesday to see if we needed to add Gaberpentin to the furesimide. He was very upfront with me ( vet of over 30 years) and said he had no knowledge of SM. He didn't even know about air scratching being a poss symptom. Anyway he said to double her furesimide dose.... to cut a long story short I didn't as I remembered Martin Deutschland saying Ruby was on max furesimide. I came home and made an appt. to see Martin at Chestergates.

    We saw him yesterday - he is just so knowledgeable and understanding of both the condition and the owners! SInce her poor weekend Ruby has been fine.... walking miles with no problem and less scratching than usual. Martin said Mr Skerritt wants to consider Ruby for a shunt - he asked if I would return in 2 weeks to see both Martin and Geoff together. Martin has put Ruby on Omeprazole along with her usual dose of Furesimide.

    So that is were we find ourselves. Ruby at the moment relatively comfortable ( has never screamed or yelped just her hyper sesitive side) and wondering what lies ahead... Is a shunt going to help in the long run .... I know it didn't with Carole Fowlers little cav.

    Anyway I will take her in 2 weeks - have the consultation and take it from there...
    In the meantime Peter Bunny has been seeking attention - He decided he had to appear to be on deaths door on Tuesday night to gain our attention ( not true he is adored but I think he is jealous of Ruby!) so it was off to emergency vet at 1am - £107 later and he is running round the garden pushing his football all over the place !!!

    Sorry for hi-jacking your post but I suppose I felt I related to your dilema - Is surgery a worthwhile consideration?
    Love Dawn


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