Took Jasper to the vet today as he has been coughing a bit the last few days, we had taken him to the vet in October, to have his anal glands done and he also has a sebaceous cyst that had got bigger, the vet also checked his heart , we knew he had a murmur, he said it was grade 3, and to keep an eye on him, anyway we went today and saw a different vet, she gave him a good check over, and said his murmur is grade 4, must have got worse ,he needs to have his teeth cleaned, so it looks as if when he goes back next week he will be knocked out and have an xray, his teeth cleaned and the cyst removed, now I`m dreading next week, although it`s better to get this all sorted out in case the murmur gets worse, he will be 9 in March, so he`s getting an old man.