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Thread: Before & After - Weight loss for Bluebell!

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    Hi Emma - What a difference!! She really looks so much healthier and brighter now. Well done!

    Im trying to get Millie and Chloe to loose a few pounds and have been feeding them Mini light like you twice a day - but still the 50g portions and I havent seen any difference in their weight. I might try reducing it to 40g twice daily and top up on more veg as treats to bulk it up. The weighing scales is a great idea too - why didnt I think of that?? I use the measuring cup, but now that I think of it, it wouldnt be as accurate as a scales.

    Well done on your results though! She looks fab
    Mam to Millie, Chloe & Rex
    Baby boy Jack (waiting at the bridge) xxxxx

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    Well done, not always easy to notice they are putting on, you look but don't see.

    My Barney is a bit overweight, just weighed him on our scales and he came out at 11kg which doesn't seem right, so I think a trip to the vets to use their scales is needed.


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