had a quick search on the health forum and MVD information page, but although a symptom of MVD is coughing, what exactly is coughing?

Our wee guy Giles (9/10 months old now) has had a couple of what I think are coughing episodes.

The one that sticks in my mind the most is when I was taking him round the local glen with the pack of dogs from the training class. Giles absolutely loves all dogs and is always so sociable and excited to see everyone. This time though, the whole dog training club turned up as it was the xmas gathering. He was so overwhelmed he went into a fit of what I think is coughing...

He semi-squats down in his rear legs and hurls like he's going to throw up, but nothing ever comes out - a bit like choking/ gasping for air. this doesnt last very long - say 10-15 seconds.

He done it again tonight when i was making his dinner and not long in from work.
so does that sound like coughing?

It only seems to happen when hes out and excited about something.
He had a check up at vets not long ago and they checked his heart and gave it the all-clear, but am I better to go elsewhere?