I'm not in good shape here and there have been a few on here that I have written to but I don't have the strength right now to pm individually. Abbey has an appt. next tuesday with neurologist. I have been videoing her and have it all on tape. Now that I'm almost sure (sure theres a chance she doesn't have it) that she has sm its unbearable to watch her and hear the noises she makes as she rubs her head and scratches etc. I'm in tears as I write this. I don't think I can take 6 more days of this until her appt. I've watched this for as far back as I remember but I've always been told--allergies.

The vet knows nothing about sm but I'm sure he's read up alot on his considering he has 3 cavs himself.

I want to get some meds for her before her appt.--for her sake. What do I call and ask for? I'm sure he will get me whatever I ask for. Please help before I lose my mind.