As many of you know my dear Abbey was diagnosed--I knew it already though-on thursday. She started her meds of gabapentin 50 mg/ml and omeprazole friday night since she stayed the night there and we had consult and brought her back home on friday. Friday night was bad--she was very uncomfortable the whole night with scratching, licking etc. Last night she did better. I noticed last night before we went to bed that the drugs must have been starting to get into her bloodstream as she looked drugged. Also, George had called yesterday to Auburn, AL where we took her and said no change and they said to give it until monday as it took awhile to see any change. She had her first dose of medicine for today at 5 a.m. and I took her back to bed with us and she did go back to sleep--didn't seem like it took that long for the medicine to start working. So far this morning she's not scratching and rubbing head and licking paws like she does. Before the diagnosis it was sooo bad--not continuous but ALOT. I know they sometimes change the meds etc. or dosage etc. Should Abbey be appearing to be drugged? Is it a sign that her dosage needs to be lowered. I think I'd take the drug look anyday over the scratching, licking etc. although I sure don't want a drugged dog.

She is on:

gabapentin 50 mg/ml 1 1/2 ml 3 every 8 hours (3 x day)
omeprazone 5 mg--once daily

The gabapentin they gave us is liquid form which I have done a search on the net and its impossible to find--only have found one place. I think they gave us liquid maybe to find out the correct dosage.

We are also almost 100% sure we are doing the surgery. I know of the pain etc. but both my husband and I feel we don't have much choice. Its progressive--so far her motor skills aren't effected. Only a matter of time. I know there are no guarantees but we have to try. We did take her to Auburn U where Dr. Axlund did the study a couple years ago so we feel we're getting very very good care and with people very knowledgeable about this. With any surgery there is pain. I've watched videos and have had one phone conversation with a person on here that did have the surgery for their dog.

I'm probably rambling right now but its been a rough week.