[FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Hi my name is Sam. I am new to this we have had our wee tilly for 3 months now and she is 5 months old.
She is such a character, very cheeky and playful we have had no issues with her health at all up until now.

We bought her from an accredited breeder through the Kennel Club. They listed all the health checks that they had done on their breeding stock and advised that they had been MRI scanned for SM and they were clear.
We so had thought there is no way that she could develop this serious condition.

As the past few weeks have gone by she has been doing really strange things. First we heard her yelp really loudly we could not see what she was yelping at but thought she must have bitten her tail.
Then a couple of weeks ago we had her our walking and she let out this mighty cry and would not settle. This happened 3 days in a row, we took her to the vets and he advised that it was anal glad issues as she is constantly nipping at her left hind leg and scooting. She has had anti biotics for this and metacam. 1 week on she still scoots, nips her left hind leg and now biting at her front paws and biting her left hind leg when trying to scratch.
The crying has gone so that is a good sign but something does not seem to be right and I do not know if it was my imagination but I seen her walking and left her left hind leg as if to scratch but she has only done this a few times and you never know when this will happen.

I am following the vets advice and keeping to the anal glad problem but there is something that keeps taking me back to SM.
We did mention this to the vet he has said that he has not seen any cavalier in his time in practice with and dismissed it altogether.

Can anyone suggest why she should be doing this and if they had any experience with a dog with SM that could point me in the right direction. I don't want to be going on months to be then told that she could have SM.

This is our first dog and I am sure I am being a neurotic pet owner but something keeps eating at me, as if I know there is something more serious.
Any help will be most appreciated.