Our dog Ted who is 14mths old got his mri today and has been diagnosed with SM, they say it's a very mild form of it at present and they feel he is a very good candidate for surgery. We are booked in for Thursday week.

Should I be positive about this? I have read up a lot about this and I know there is no cure. I was very upset when we got the news today, (I think I scared the vet, I was already flooding the practice when he got his sedative injection and he fell asleep in my arms)

I know this might work and reduce his symptoms, I know it could make them worse, it could make them alright for a while and then worse. One of the questions I never really asked the vet was what's the life expectancy of a Cavalier when the surgery works and when it doesn't work.

It kills me to say this but if my Ted is in pain I have to be sensible and think about putting him asleep, how can I justify keeping him alive in pain?? I don't want to have to do it as I would be inconsolable but it's just not fair.