Hi Fiona,
I have been following this thread and I have found myself going through a range of emotions whilst doing so. From utter dis-belief at how casual the 'vet' has been, to frustration and concern on Ted's behalf. I note that you have insurance for this operation so feel finance shouldn't be a concern to you?
Please, please, please for Ted's sake, he can't talk for himself, seek advice from a 24 hour vet and tell them clearly what your concerns are. I don't believe Ted should be up and walking about if he has had what you say he has had done to him. You only have to look up the links people have given you here to see that qualified people are telling you that Ted's current post operative care is not at all safe and he runs a very high risk of complications that could be life threatening.
It really is that serious Fiona.
Ted deserves the best post operative care he can get to ensure a safe recovery and quite frankly - in black and white - you cannot afford to wait until tomorrow. Ring a 24 vet in the UK for advice if you need to
Chestergates on 01244853823 are specialists in SM and surgery and I just know they will be horrified to hear your story but equally they will advise you what to do to keep Ted safe.
Please Fiona. This is serious and time matters.