Hello every one Im new here and I have 1 cavalier his name is Tyler he is going to be 11 on March 28th . I got him after a long plane ride from Missouri to NJ when he was 8 weeks old . He is one of the sweetest and loving dogs I have ever owned he is my baby!! When he got home to us we took him for his first puppy visit to make sure that he was ok ...I was shocked and started crying hysterical when my Dr told us Tyler has a heart murmur and that he had a hyrnia repair that the breeder told us nothing of ..he was only 8 weeks old .....I called the breeder immid. she told me to send him back if I wasnt happy ...uhhh yeah right send this little adorable baby back on a flight back to missouri after i fell in love with him already !! Well needles to say he is still here and doing great his heart murmur has gotten louder and stronger as he has aged and they want him to start meds soon all his mris and chest xrays have come up ok for now no fluid in his lungs yet which would be a tell tale sign of heart failure though he does cough ...he has arthritis in his back legs and is on a senior joint vitamin regimen and wow what an improvment !!He is a happy dog very loving and loyal and Im so lucky he is mine ..LISA