I don't have much time but I know I would be sitting on pins and needles and have been on other dogs so wanted to just write a short note. Just left her for a second to go to the bathroom and feed the other 3 dogs.

She's home--she did have 2 seizures since getting home. ONe about a hour after getting her home and another 2 hrs. after getting all her meds at 12:15 a.m. Both my husband and I do NOT think they are stress related. He read on the net last night about tramodol and he seems to think it could be that. He is calling them this a.m.

She is MUCH better than I thought she would be so thats good. We did put the mattress on the floor (without the box spring etc) in our spare bedroom and both my husband and I slept on the floor with her in the crate next to us. The doctor did say she could sleep on the mattress or on a bed next to us but we felt she was better in the crate and she was VERY content with that as she is in the cage type crate and can see us.

Right now I have her in a children's play pen (the old fashioned kind that you can't buy anymore). I bought it a few years ago from craigslist for my grandson and its working beautiful. Gives her more room and she can see out of it etc.

I haven't even taken pictures yet and will today. Also, must say in that respect it was better than I thought too. I had seen pictures of other dogs and she just didn't seem that bad. Somebody told me tri's looked better in that respect so maybe thats why.

I have no regrets and really don't think I ever will as like I have said numerous times--both hubby and I felt we had no choice here. She probably has had symptoms all her life and she's 5 years old.

To those of you that are e-mailing me and we have spoken by phone etc. I apologize at this point I don't have time to individually e-mail you etc. but can this weekend when George-husband is around and we can take turns watching her.

Thanks for all your support and love. We all feel it!!!