I was just wondering if anybody knows if there is a connection or link between SM and EFS. Riley had decompression surgery in June 2008 and is doing well - except when she gets excited or stressed she frequently falls. Her head tilt is very exaggerated and she'll either flop over onto her side or onto her belly. Her legs at that point look kind of like seal flippers as she tries to right herself. So far, these episodes have only lasted for about 30 seconds. I thought she was just having severe imbalance issues related to the damage to her vestibular system from her SM - and that's how I've presented it to her neurologist. She is on an anti-epileptic drug called Keppra. However, after watching some videos of EFS, I'm now questioning whether that is what she has, in addition to SM. She is going to the neurologist on Thursday. Of course, she never has one at his office, and I never have a camera ready, plus they are so short. I will ask him about EFS and bring some printed information, but just wanted to hear if anyone knows if the two conditions are related. Thanks.