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Thread: SiânE not ready for her close up yet

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    Default SiânE not ready for her close up yet

    SiânE dry eye has been getting worst lately mostly because of her wart. The vets remove it by hand but it kept coming back so they decided to remove it by cutting it out.

    This meant she had to have an operation to cut away the wart and cut the side of her eye so it looked normal. Of course, I didn't really want her to have the op being an 11ish diabetic MVD cavalier but they assured me she was in great shape and the op would be no problem

    So she was booked in for the last Tuesday and I booked my nervous breakdown for the same day!

    She sailed through no problem; I have a few more grey hairs

    The night before the op

    On the way back from the Vets

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