A little update on Dylan.

The 100mg of Gabapentyn made Dylan sleep all day so we went back to 2 capsules divided into 3 (66.6mg). But Dylan is still air scratching while out walking. I am going to divide 3 capsules into 4 (75mg) and see how he does on this.

Here's a little film of how I split the pills, I buy empty capsules for this and use the ones I have emptied.


And here are some current pictures. I'm worried about Dylan's coat. Ok so the big patch that was shaved for his spinal tap grew back as "cotton coat" but now it is spreading. It's a real shame as he has a wonderful shiney smooth coat. He is under 7kg and still entire so maybe it is the pills?

These are after a bath so looking bigger than he is. His eyes might look funny as I did some red eye correction on the photos. The patch that was shaved on his neck is growing back slowly but is still lovely and soft.