It will probably be a year or two before results are published from the trial, as far as I know. There's a long process to approving a drug for other use than whatever it was originally designated for. Havn't heard anything -- maybe someone will want to check with the RVC if they are there as a patient?

On lying in this position -- this is a very, very common position for dogs -- not just cavaliers but all breeds. I just came back from friends where a jack russell, two westies, and my clear dog Jaspar ALL were lying on the floor and dogbeds like this. None has SM. I know of many large breeds that lie like this as well.

Once again: I have seen the video Margeret is referencing. It has NOTHING to do with dogs resting in this position. It is of a dog that struggles to do something, clearly feels pain, drops to this position, tries to rise to do something again, drops to this position -- entirely different thing from a dog simply lying in this position, which is very NORMAL for all breeds of dog.