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Thread: Toothpaste Recommendation??

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    Re the raw bones. I usualy get good big bones & let them have them for a couple of days (or till the smell gets to me!!) & (tough wood) they've never splintered or anything like that - the roasted ones you can get in pet shops are more likley to split than the raw ones. I also give my 2 raw chicken wings & drumsticks which I know a lot of people are worried about but my two seem to chew them nicely (& are always supervised with them) so I dont worry too much!
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    Thanks everyone for all the suggestions - I have ordered some products online and in the meantime I bought some toothpaste that Im gradually introducing her to..
    She is in the best of form since having the extractions - devouring her new food and is full of play with my other two.
    She really must have been in some discomfort with her mouth, because the last few days she has really been in such good humour!

    Only one day left on her antibiotic, so I can manage to keep her mouth as nice and clean as it is now..
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    Hi Louise

    And well done for not only looking into but also ordering some of the products ,I just got my Fragaria from Dorwest so that goes in my list of teeth cleaning products ,do keep us all informed how you progress so good luck to you and congratulations on your efforts.
    Brian M

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