last I weighed him is was almost 9lbs he will be 5 months on the 1st.

As far as potty training..I should knock on wood before I say this..

we had that issue while around my hubby, then in his crate but since I put 2 boxes in his crate so he can only stand and rearrange to lay in there...there has not been one accident in any way...he gives me this look when he has to go..he holds it so much longer...and esp at night it was raining the past few nights so I new I was going to have a mess to clean cuz he went out around 9:30pm and would not go out at 4am w/my hubby and he held it till 6:30 am then last night ....I put him down at 10pm and he held it till 7am...I cant beleive it I normally on the weekend will go down and let him out in the middle of the night but I slept thru...I was saying omg when I woke up but he just went right out in the am and I can say PT is Wonderfull right now...I still watch him but he is doing really well.
Thanks for asking!!!