Is this an ok food? This is what I got for our puppy because the breeder didn't know what she fed him.

He doesn't seem to like it at all, yesterday I finally mixed in a little Cesar Just For Puppies wet food (like half a spoonful) and a half spoonful of canned pumpkin (the 100% pumpkin not the pumpkin pie filling) and he ate about 1/4 cup of dry food along with the canned and pumpkin but that was all that he ate. The bag said he's age and weight should eat 1 and a 1/4 cup of food, and I know they tell you to feed more than neccasary as well.

Is this a good food for him to continue on with the price is really good so hopefully he'll learn to like it better (he's very picky). There are a lot of other brands like canidae, innova, EVO and eagle pack.