Hi guys,
am after some advice for my friend just wondered if anyone had any ideas. her mum was walking her dog (little staffie) very friendly - they have quite a bad reputation here so she always keeps her muzzled in public but she is so gentle- anyway to cut a long story short there were 4 greyhounds in the park (all off lead) that ran over and attacked her. the owner then just ran off - it was all really quick but the staffie was really hurt she has had 3 operations this week and so far cost 1500 in vets bills and is still in quite a serious condition. they have managed to find out where the greyhound owner lives and informed the police - who are not atall interested as say it is not an offence for a dog to attack another animal but they will log it in case they attack a human in future who else can this be reported to? she isnt bothered about the money as would pay anything to make her better but is terrified of them attacking another dog or child in future - u really thought the police would take action but obviously not