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Thread: Stiff Joints

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    Question Stiff Joints

    Ive noticed in the last few weeks Cass (my jack russell) is getting a little stiff, she dosnt apear to be in any pain but when she runs she is begining to look like an old dog, just dosnt have the free gait she used to.

    When she was under a year she had an injury to one of her shoulders - cased by her & a chow puppy running into the kitchen & sliding into a cupboard - Cass was nearest the cupboard! She was on pain killers for a week & then I used to take her to aqua-paws (hydro-pool) for about 6 months after to build her up again.

    Anyway, she'll be 12 in november & she's been just fine since the incedent till now, Since it happened I have allways given her glcuosamine & chondritin (sp?) tablets (vet vits untill this year when I changed to dorwest herbs) & cod liver oil. I was in the vets yesterday picking up worming tablets & I saw Arthri-Aid & have been looking that up this morning & wndering if that would be better for her?

    Any advice welcome.
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    I don't have an answer to your question but I was noticing today as we were on our morning walk that Mindy who was 11 in February seemed to be walking a bit stiffly. I give her glucosamine and chondroitin.

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    Its all to do with the amounts and whats in them, the vet told me harley was to have clucosamine, sms, chondroitin sulphate, and it was just as good to get them online and cheaper than the med vits he can supply.

    Dont know if that helps but the quantitys he said to give harley are

    Glucosamine 300mg
    msm 200mg
    chondroitin 75mg

    its really difficult to get a pill that has just that, he also said you cant overdose with these, you might pay extra for a higher dose but they only use what they need, i dont know what your little dog weighs, harley is 11.5 kg,

    dunno if that helps, di
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