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    So Mindy was in yesterday for her check up and shots. We saw a vet I hadn't seen before. I had pretty much decided that I would go ahead and have the lumpectomy done. He said that would be his advice as well because of the irregular shape (I thought it was just a lump). He said he would advise this even if we didn't plan to have it tested (which of course we will). We talked briefly about options afterwards and he said if the lump is cancerous he wouldn't necessarily advise aggressive treatment at her age but we will discuss any required treatment when we have results.

    So she is scheduled for July 24th. She will also have her teeth cleaned because she does have quite a bit of tartar. The vet made copious notes as I explained her allergic reaction to the internal stitches after her spay and how we almost lost her then. He assured me that they do not use catgut (what she reacted to) and that of course they will be very careful with her. She will have a full blood work up prior to the anesthetic to ensure everything is okay. He also didn't minimize the risk of the anesthetic but felt since her heart is strong and she has no other health problems that it was not so significant that we shouldn't proceed.

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    I will be praying for good results for your baby! I had a dog a few years ago (not a cav) that had several lumps on her neck, and chest area. The vet thought it was cancer, because of the way it looked when he aspirated them. So he suggested removing them, even at her age (14 yrs) to get a diagnosis. We had them removed and sent to the pathologist and they came back negative for cancer cells! We were so excited. So hopefully the same thing will happen for you. That will be my prayer! Keep us posted!
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