Hi there,
Im wondering if anyone has any ideas on how i can get Jelly to wake me when my morning alarm goes?
Im deaf in one ear (due to illness) & im told im loosing the hearing in my good ear so the problem is that if im asleep on my good ear i dont hear my alarm, both girls are cuddled up to me overnight so they must just ignore the alarm (it can be going over an hour,i say it-i set 4 different clocks!) cos im still always 1st out of bed!
With Jelly being so young im thinking she'd be the best to train to possibly jump on my head to wake me(& i cant believe she doesnt already as she must be ready for toilets)It really would be a help especially as my hearing deteriorates further, if youve no ideas on how would anyone know who i could contact ie;hearing dogs but im sure they only deal with their own dogs? Thanks ever so much in advance oh & im sure my poor neighbours would be most grateful too