Just an update
Ive been doing some training with jelly & a few mornings she has jumped on my face when the alarm has gone off-yay! Some morns she hasnt bothered & clearly wanted to sleep on, this morn the little monkey jumped on me before the alarm went off (puppy elbow in the eye not the kindest way to be woken) so i thought she must be ready for a wee but no, she ran into the lounge, onto the chair & promptly went back to sleep for an hour,rubes joined her & they both enjoyed their "lie in"!
So this evening i did a bit more training-lying on the bed with her pretending sleep then going peep peep peep(sort of close to the alarm noise) she responded sooo enthusiastically by jumping on my head that i heard my neck crack & am now in a good deal of pain & cant move my neckI still told her good girl of course! she's only 8lbs so this perhaps(!) isnt going to work long term as i dont fancy a fully grown darling jumping on my head-maybe id better order the sonic boom instead!Lol xx