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    The vet called today to say that when Leo had his anal glands washed out last week they also swabbed them. Anyway she said its come back positive for sudamonous

    Has any one had any experience in this? She said that the good news is that its sensitive to the antibiotics he had been on for 2 weeks prior so she isnt too worried.

    She wants me to take him in to see her on wednesday so she can check him out though.

    Any advice?


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    A friend of mine got very ill and lost about 10 lbs recently (unexplained). She seemed to have a respiratory infection and recurring low fever that would come and go, but wouldn't quite go away. Her doctors performed a biopsy of the lung in the hospital (out patient) and the only thing that came back positive was a hit of Pseudomonis. She was put on long term antibiotics and told to rest, with re checks of lung xray and a follow up biopsy.

    In her case, she works at the wildlife center with me, and she only has cats at home. Though her doctors were unable to say how and where she was infected with it, it can be carried by animals and birds, and thrives in moist places including unclean respiratory equipment and some garden soils. They also said most of us would not ever have a problem with it, as it mainly infects the very ill, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems. She has always had a chronic case of asthma since childhood, and the doctors thought that she was particularly sensitive to this because she has a weakened respiratory immune system.

    That's all I know of this due to experience with my friend. You might google search for more information though. Not sure if it actually causes overt illness in animals or if they are just carriers.
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