My beautiful Lucy is 10 today! To celebrate all the dogs had a cooked hamburger breakfast and are about to get a yummy stick of tripe. She is the most gorgeous little cavalier with one of the sweetest faces I have seen -- a Roycroft dog of Laura Lang's breeding -- who initially lived with my parents then eventually came over to join my gang, as my father got a bit unstable on his feet. She has the loveliest personality and is quite a character -- lets the cats know with a single bark that she doesn't like them getting close, and also announces with a single bark that I am expected to lift this little old lady up on the sofa so she can climb up on her favourite mohair blanket at the top of the back and survey the world. She is quite active and more than able for long walks, though she hates getting wet! I hope she has many more years as part of my dog family.