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Thread: Chrissie's accident!!

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    Thanks for the tips about the wax guys.

    Chrissie seems to be much better today. We're still not sure what happened. We're assuming she ran and slipped but we're also wondering if she could have collapsed beside it. The noise sure sounded like she hit it hard. She's still on all her meds to see if the scratching dtops. It seems to be improving and thankfully the nipping at her tail isn't happening.

    Her tummy problems seem to be much better but we're moistening the RC as she can't seem to bite it and just swallow it whole. When she was vomiting, she was throwing up undigested kibble.

    I'm praying that this is just a bad patch and she'll make a full recovery!!

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    Couldn't agree more about covering slippy floors - it worries me so much every time I see all the photos of beautiful dogs on laminated floors, which are so popular at the moment.

    We had a beautiful new "Roman tile-look" vinyl floor put down in our kitchen/utility room a couple of years ago. It was advertised as being especially treated to be anti-slip too, but within a few days 2 of my 3 Cavs had slithered and hurt themselves on it (whereas they never did on the OLD flooring, which was a bit galling!)

    Now, sadly, it is all covered up with good-gripping mats, but at least I know my dogs won't hurt themselves again - they have enough to endure with their SM and MVD, without anything extra that I CAN do something about.


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