We discovered a while ago that Holly had a luxating patella on her left hind, the vet decided it didn't need surgery and I was advised to keep an eye on it.

Last week I brought Bailey and Holly to the beach 4 days in a row. On the fourth day Holly was running and she yelped fell to the ground and had to be carried back to the car. I brought her back to the vet the next day and it turned out that it was actually her right hip that was causing the pain.

So today she was x-rayed and its not good news She has severe hip dysplasia, I saw the x-rays and i was shocked, her whole socket is worn away.

Her x-rays are being sent to a specialist in Cork to see if he thinks that she is a candidate for hip replacement. In the meantime she is not allowed to join us for walks and is on glucosimine injections once a week for four weeks.

She's been so brave