Hi Marie-Anne:

Just wondering whether it might be a good time to discuss gabapentin again with your neurologist? The kind of difficulties she is experiencing are exactly the ones where gabapentin helps. It isn't like steroids where there's any significant concern about keeping a dog on it long term -- it is very well tolerated. You might find she is far more comfortable and again engages with the other dogs if given something more than frusemide and an anti-inflammatory. That is a very minimal treatment level and doesn't actually address pain for many dogs -- frusemide just tends to relieve a degree of the pressure they seem to feel, which may in turn help some with pain -- but frusemide doesn't tend to work very long for most dogs on its own. It does nothing at all that is noticeable for either of mine but I use it because there are indications it helps keep the condition from advancing as rapidly and gives some relief. It might be worth consideration -- at any rate I think most dogs with the condition do need at least an annual check-in with their neurologist because this is a progressive condition and often the dogs may be tolerating far higher levels of pain that we notice (eg they learn to simply tolerate it though they have declined further, while we don't notice because the decline is gradual and we don't see it).