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Thread: Do any other SM dogs have these symptoms?

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    Hate to say it, but once you start down the SM path, you have a tendency to magnify every little thing that happens with your dog. You always wonder - is this too much scratching? Was her yelp of pain because I picked her up funny or is she always in pain? Is she quiet because of pain or because she's gotten weaker? You start to become hypervigilant and sometimes the line between being neurotic and just careful becomes very blurry. It's absolutely good to be aware and informed, but try not to obsess about every little behavior. There is no way to prevent SM from happening - except for breeders to follow scanning and breeding protocols and for pet owners to refuse to buy puppies or dogs from breeders who refuse to scan. Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LisaluvzCav View Post
    Hi thanks very much! Clara has weakness in her back paw and is always scratching her ears though she does have ear mites. I really do worry about every little thing. Can sm be prevented?
    Like others have said every dog is different. When Ruby was diagnosed our Neuro said she couldnt beleive she was displaying so few symptoms as it was advanced and her Syrinx vvery large.
    Rubys symptoms were jut the scratching and head rubbing and my vet didnt think it was anything to worry about although I KNEW that something was wrong in my gut so referred myself and Ruby to clare who scanned us on the first visit and we were diagnosed there and then.
    I know that some people give the diuretics early on with the symptoms and they have been found to have slowed down progression of the Syrinx but many dogs just have to managed for the pain and nothing is found to work with the syrinx.
    Ruby is getting to the stage where the damage to her spine is causing her problmes with her co ordination and her front legs will often buckle and give up on her.
    I think deep down that you should trust your gut instincts andif they are telling you something is wrong thwn follow it through.
    If I had trusted myself sooner we may have had more time to slow her progression down rather than being left with last resort scenarios.

    All the best
    Karen and Ruby


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