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Thread: new puppy, need help!!

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    Good job! That was the hardest part of bringing Rudy home was the separation at night. But I knew long-term, it would be the best for me and my family. And it was one of the best pieces of advice I read on this board. Rudy LOVES his crate. It has become a source of comfort and as soon as anyone mentions the words 'time for bed' (or 'sleepytime' - my son's favorite!), he runs to the crate and opens the door himself. He waits for his treat and settles almost immediately.

    When he was small, we put a soft toy and an old nightshirt of mine in with him. (Easy to wash if there was a slip up.) He caught on in no time tho. I only remember an accident or two. Now, we only have a fluffy mat in the crate. He's all about sleeping in that crate now.

    Funny story - my son had friends in from college over spring break and they were quite noisy. After missing Rudy for a time, we thought perhaps he had slipped out the front door. Panic ensued as everyone searched outside. Eventually, he was discovered in his crate - had gone there to escape the upheaval of all the noise in the house and had drifted off to sleep. Apparently one of the boys had inadvertently knocked the crate door tight. Didn't bother Rudy a bit - he just settled in for a nap.

    I did feel a bit guilty that I was crating him at night (especially when other so many other people told me their dogs slept on their beds.) But that's when we knew he really loved his crate. It was a good decision for all of us!

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    Most dogs do love their crate if it is used properly (never for punishment, and only for a few hours at a time and/or overnight). We had a Jack Russel who died last year @ 14 YO. We got her when she was around 1 year and wasn't housetrained. So we crated her for training. She became so attached to her crate, that she would take naps in there, go in there during thunderstorms, and slept in there *every* night (with the door open) even though she could have slept anywhere, even on the bed with us!

    Ollie, just recently, has started going into his crate at night as well, on his own. He's been in the bed with us for the past year 1/2!
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