UPDATE: Bailey is progressing very quickly, settling in with a dog he knows, going on walks, getting some training, and relaxing as his pain disappears. Tara, from Dog Training Ireland, feels he will be a happy dog as he is growing more trusting and adapting so very quickly, all positive signs that this is not a long term major issue for him. He should be fine with older kids and dogs in a new home. A new owner will get direct advice on working with him to keep him on his positive path but mostly all he needs is what he is getting now -- a normal home life with normal activity and no pressure. It would be good for him to be in with at least one other dog as other well-adjusted family dogs will set a good example for him.

For an application and further information, see his homing profile here:



Bailey (fostered with Sins) is going to need a very special longer-term foster and/or very special, caring home.

This is a cavalier who has been utterly, appallingly neglected, and unsocialised to dogs or people and has lived with chronic pain for years, with a painful eye and an unadjusted puppy collar that grew into his own neck. He was left by himself in a back garden with no interaction.

He does not get on with other dogs at this time, and can be snappy with people handling him, though also very sweet as he tries to be a normal cavalier (in other words he is not always snappy nor with everyone but is unreliable. He would not be a dog anyone could go up to and pet at this time). I will have him assessed by a professional trainer and temperament tested, but my gut feeling from all I have heard so far from Sins and his vet is that he will rehabilitate with time and with the pain gone and that festering collar and wound gone from his neck.

Assuming he is okayed after an assessment, he needs an experienced adults-only (teen kids OK) home, ideally with some gentle confident dogs where he can be managed appropriately and kept apart as needed. He will not be able to mingle unsupervised with other dogs, at least for some time. He is not appropriate to a home with children or where small children visit.

If I could take him in here, I would work with him -- Sins has noted that his basic underlying cavalier personality tries to rule out over his mistrust and fear. But I am limited in what I can do given lack of anyplace at home to keep him. As always full support and trainer backup are available for a new home.

He is absolutely the worst case of neglect and passive abuse I have ever had come in. Thanks so much to Sins for getting him sorted and giving him some space to relax and breathe. Whether he has a future depends on 1) his assessment and 2) the possibility of a correct home. I do hope he gets that future as he has had 4 years of hell.

This is Bailey, all cleaned up and trimmed and looking a lot happier. If anyone wishes to talk to me about him drop me a PM:

This is how he came to Sins: