A friend has had a puppy enquiry from someone who has just lost their elderly Cavalier at the age of 11. This dog developed a Grade 1 heart murmur at the age of 7 and by the time he was put to sleep had a Grade 5 murmur. His vet had been treating him for SM for about 4 years - unscanned, but apparently the symptoms were unmistakeable. The dog was put to sleep because the vet had run out of pain control options and surgery was not an option given his age and heart condition.

My friend asked me whether this dog's pedigree would still be useful for the EBV database, even though the dog has no MRI results? If so, she will try and persuade the owner to let her submit it.

Incidentally, the elderly Cavalier came from a well-known kennel; reaction of the breeder when told that one of her puppies had had both MVD and SM - 'All the dogs I breed are healthy, I don't have heart or SM problems in my line'

Kate, Oliver and Aled