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Thread: Yard/outdoor dogs: no thanks please!

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    Great article!! Everyone always tells me how I have such "good and easy" dogs. Probably because, I walk, exercise, brush, pay attention to...etc. Dogs really aim to please -- you just have to let them know what you expect and meet them 1/2 way!

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    Hear! Hear! I really don't understand why people want a dog if they are just going to leave it outside on it's own for hours on end.
    When people mention leaving a dog in the 'yard' do they mean garden or in a bare area used for certain work or storage? (ie farm-yard, prison-yard, court-yard.)
    In the UK we have had a tv series called The Secret Life of Dogs. You can probably see it on the Internet.
    They secretly filmed around 30 dogs left home alone. Only 4-5 of these dogs were content to sleep and not be stressed. The rest were split into two groups. One group showed obvious signs of stress - howling, toileting, chewing etc. The other group did not show signs of stress and mainly sat around but when their saliva was checked both groups had the same levels of stress hormone. So - VERY FEW dogs are happy to be left alone. They are pack animals and need to be with their owners. As for leaving a dog for 8 or 9 hours - DON'T DO IT! Make provision as you would a for a child or don't have a dog at all. Also - do not tether a dog or tie it to a rope. Dogs have been known to hang themselves, besides being vulnerable and unable to protect themselves from possible predators.

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