Hi everyone,
When we got Clara at 6 weeks old, which I know is way too young to leave her mother, she had no bladder control and was always peeing I knew it would be a long process but now she is just gone 10 weeks and can hold her pee for 8 hours during the night with not one accident I'm soo surprised, she still isnt house trained but is getting there! can anyone tell me how long there 10 week old puppy could hold it for Also she is getting a bit aggressive and its becoming a concern. She always growls when she is playing with her toys and sometimes snaps at us if she isnt getting her own way. She is still biting our hands and we have let out loud noises as if she has hurt us but it doesn't bother her also we have held her mouth closed this makes her want to bite more! Sometimes it is just mouthing but others im not so sure its like she gets really mad and snaps any other techniques i could use? we have walked off on her when playing and swapped our hands for toys. Thanks