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Thread: Very skinny dog!

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    Default Bad News

    I just called Pet Plan to ask about the insursnce and they said that any problems now to do with his heart will not be covered, whatever it is- now im in a real pickle. He is still in his 14 day exclusion period so the fact that he hs been to the vet already means that they wont pay out for any treatment we now get him that is to do with his heart.
    Not sure what to do really- its really upsetting

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    Hello Karen,

    I'm so sorry to hear what is happening.

    As Karlin said a Grade 3 heart murmur, in a puppy of 9 months, needs to be assessed by a cardiologist.

    I don't know under what circumstances you obtained Charlie, but if it was through a rescue organisation then they have a responsibility to you and to him. You need to ask them to pay the referral fee for Charlie to see a Cardiologist.

    I find it hard to believe that he was not vet checked before rehoming, or that they would not be willing to help, if he was placed with you without a basic health check.

    Some of the cavalier club rescue organisations have thousands of pounds, and if Charlie came through one of them they should pick up the health bills, at least until you know what is wrong and what the prognosis is.

    Many other rescues, I know, struggle to find funds. This does not mean they can cut corners and lumber someone with a young dog that may need expensive specialist attention.

    Something seems to have gone very wrong with rehoming procedures here.
    Margaret C

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