First of all, CONGRATS!!!! It will take some trial and error to find the "perfect" food for Bella.

I fed Ollie Orijen Puppy formula from 12 weeks on and I regret it. There is SOME indication that feeding a pup a food too high in protein will make them grow too quickly. Now, it may be all genetics but he is long and leggy now at 2 YO and had some gastro problems during the first year. I now have him on Fromm Surf & Turf, a lower protein food, and my others are still on Orijen. He does much better with a lower protein food.

I would suggest the regular Wellness or Innova lines----not EVO or CORE---for a puppy. Once she's full grown, or at least a year old, I would switch to a grain free high protein food. Just my opinion! I've tried Wellness (most varieties) and Innova. My dogs would not touch EVO. Either of those brands are good---you'd be safe with either one.

Bottom line; EVERYONE will have a different opinion!