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    Lightbulb Problematic Poppy

    Hi there, reading a few posts that our lovely cavvies can eat alot, and others not eating much.. I want to put forward our problem with our 11mth old Blenheim.
    My sister's blenheim bitch puppy, is 18wks old and happily eats 3 times a day and she will eat anything else.

    Poppy is small for her age; and was the runt of the litter...and think sh may not have been weaned propertly, she will always be small..

    She will not eat the food that is given, despite her liking the dry food and Pedigree Puppy Loaf... until she is really hungry... takes a lot of persuasion to start also... been seen by vet's and she is healthy..

    Do any of you have any tips/ideas or experienced this yourself?

    Jo & Poppy

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    Hi! I have had the same problem with our now 1 year old cavalier. At times she will gobble down her morning meal. Other times she doesn't eat all of it. Then in evening she will eat 2 pieces of cooked yam in her food but leave the kibble. Then I started not putting as much kibble in the evening meal. Naturally for the last two evenings she has eaten everything.

    I wouldn't worry about your pup not eating. She will when she's hungry.

    Heather R

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    I was going to say above,Arch sometimes will pick and another time eat all of it,i find when hes been running around alot he seems hungry.

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    I think the problem is probably when you say 'it is hard to get her to start' which suggests you are trying to coax her to eat -- talking to her, hand feeding her, whatever.

    She has learned that if she just doesn't eat, people will make a fuss over her and give her lots of attention, and she thinks the attention is a lot more fun and interesting than eating. This is a very common problem and the answer is to put her food down, give her 10 minutes to eat; if she touches nothing pick up the food and put away until the next *scheduled* feeding. Don;t pay ANY attention to her after the food goes down, don't try to get her to eat, don;t try new foods, don't give her treats between her meals.

    I can pretty much guarantee that if you do this she will be eating normally in a few days.

    be sure never to free=feed (leave food down all day).

    See more info here:

    She won't starve herself. She is also probably getting all the food she needs -- it may be that you are giving her more than she wants or needs so she sometimes ignores it?
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