Ulrich the little many tears dog in the breed rescue has become a member of our family, i will post piccies as soon as i can. - we are still debating a new name.

He is totally gorgeous & adorable & the big two have taken to him really well, Freya is mothering him, Thor giving him kisses on his nose Poppy is ignoring him at the minute!

He was taken from his mum early & has been put on Royal K9 food three times a day.

i am quite concerned that he is not getting any milk, as he is still so young and being from a rescue he has not been weened off his mummy.

he has quite runny pooh, better than it was but still not firm & im wondering if to introduce milk slowly into his diet. i have given the others goat milk in the past.

he is feeding at 7am - 1pm & 7pm is this enough and regular enough for one so young?

we are obviously continuing as advised, but wonder if it is a good idea to add milk into his diet?

thanks in advance