Hi All, I have a little girl called Chaos, who is nearly 6, who was diagnosed with SM about 18 months ago (although I now think she had it from a young age) when she took part in the drug trial at the RVC. I signed her up myself as my vet had not diagnosed her problems. I know that one should consult a neurologist about medications but unfortunately I had to cancel my insurance after they would no longer pay for SM and now she is registered with the PDSA and I get a prescription for her Gabapentin and buy it online. I really wish I could afford to take her to see Claire Rushbridge but just can't afford it.
For the past few months the Gabapentin, 100mg 3 times a day, does not seem to be helping her like it used to and she is getting very bad now with scratching and loosing her balance etc. A few months ago I added Omiprozole every morning and although this did not seem to make much difference to the SM it certainly has helped a lot with her dodgy tummy which she has always suffered from. She used to get an upset at least weekly, bloody motions and unable to eat and, touch wood, has not had a problem for a few months now.
I have an appointment to take her to the PDSA in a couple of days, although they are helpful they don't seem to know much about SM. I have been reading online to see what I can do next to help Chaos and am wondering whether to increase her Gabapentin, possibly just in the morning to start with as that is when she seems the worst. I was considering Prednisolone but having just read about the side affects online am not sure this would be a good idea.
Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.