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Thread: what is hydrolysed animal proteins (royal canin ingredient)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlin View Post
    Thanks Sins!

    Royal Canin as far as I know is made either in the UK or France. France is the HQ. Not sure if they now manufacture in the UK.

    Tania you may be following a set recipe for that diet combo, but if not you'd probably want to check on whether there's adequate nutrition in ground fruit/veg and chicken wings on their own? Most raw diets would be adding some additional things to supply complete nutrition but you are probably doing that . However I'm wary of chicken wings as I've had two different dogs throw up long intact sharp pieces of bone half a day later (and they are not gulpers)... and a vet I know recently had a large breed raw-diet dog die very painfully from a broken raw chicken bone that pierced its digestive tract. Just not too sure about the safety of wings given my own experience and that's why I stopped feeding raw though I occasionally give thighs as they require a lot more chewing.

    We had serious issues with Mollys weight, whatever commercial food I fed her, the weight would not shift. I took her to see Nick Thompson in Bath who specialises in Nutrition and has a more Hollisitic approach to things, not that I am saying Hollisitic works for everything, I appreciate it is taking a balanced view but it has a place.
    We had an incident where Molly devoured a wing in one, fortunately it came straight back up. We changed to thighs and chopped them so we give them a mixture of the wing tips chopped up and the thighs plus a variety of fish. Molly also has the Higher Nature Ultimate Nutrition which contains 47 True Food Vitamins and claims to be a good quality product. As soon as we put Molly on any kind of commercial food, her weight balloons very quickly (we weigh it out carefully). We have big issues with Mollys joint and sm problems, I am paranoid about keeping her lean to the point we weigh her everyday
    I am also very careful where I get the chicken from, I only buy from locals farms. I buy Neem sticks and get big bones from the farm for them to chew on as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by waldor View Post
    . As it is, with our Cav, well, I feed her a prepared raw diet and Orijen kibble. I need a "project", as my hubby says. Our grown son is happily married and doesn't need me to mother him, and the DH doesn't want to be my 'project.' (I wonder why - LOL). So the dog gets all my attention and best intentions. (poor thing . . .bless her heart!)

    As my two boys are out of the house now my dogs fall in the same category! Now instead of driving all over for sports and school I drive all over for agility and puppy classes. Mindy has resisted my efforts to make her my "project" so the other two boys are the lucky? ones!
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