Yes sorry- broadbands been off all weekend= changed suppliers.
Its definatly Mitral Valve Dispasia but he said that at the momment its very mild displasia. Birth defect by all accounts.
He did say to me that although the problem is different from MVD as I know it the end result will probably be the same.
He did say that he isnt a candidate for surgery due to his small frame but there are a few places where it can be done but he needs to grow 1st (he is only 6.6kg at the momment)
At present he definatly isnt hindered at all as he is soooo energetic but Im doing a lot of reading on diet and controlled excersise and reading up on the problem aswell.

pat do you have any advice at all? Should I get a second opinion or is it normal that we will continue and have another check in 6 months?